Air Conditioner Exchange

The 2019 AC Exchange Program provided 67 new window Air Conditioners for those struggling in the summer heat.

Every summer VAC works together with the Columbia Water and Light Department and Boone Electric Cooperative to provide the Air Conditioner Exchange Program. This program allows low-income Columbia Water and Light and Boone Electric Cooperative customers to swap their older, less efficient, or broken window air conditioner units for new ones that are more energy efficient. This helps them both to stay cooler and to save money on utility bills. Exchange of old units and pick-up of new units both take place in the VAC office. All of the old air conditioners are disposed of properly and recycled by the City. In 2019, this program provided 67 replacement air conditioner window units.

To participate in this program, you must bring in the following items:

  • Older, inefficient and/or broken window air conditioner unit to exchange
  • Most recent electric bill from Boone Electric Cooperative or City Of Columbia for your address
  • Original form of identification for everyone at the address 
  • Proof of all income for everyone at the address

Check back in April for 2020’s AC Exchange Program dates.