Dates: May 2 - September 3, 2022

Thursdays by appointment only!

  1. Clients will need to call the VAC office at 573.874.2273 for eligibility requirements at this time.
  2. Clients need to have their most recent utility bill from either the City of Columbia or Boone Electric faxed to VAC at 573.874.9172  

Every summer VAC works together with the Columbia Water and Light Department and Boone Electric Cooperative to provide the Air Conditioner Exchange Program.

This program allows low-income Columbia Water and Light and Boone Electric Cooperative customers to swap their older, less efficient, or broken window air conditioner units for new ones that are more energy efficient. This helps them both to stay cooler and to save money on utility bills. Exchange of old units and pick-up of new units both take place in the VAC office.

All of the old air conditioners are disposed of properly and recycled by the City.

Participants must have the following:
  • Older, inefficient and/or broken window air conditioner unit to exchange
  • Most recent electric bill for your address FAXED to VAC from Boone Electric Cooperative or City Of Columbia

To help our neighbors who are experiencing hardship to  bridge the gap between crisis and stability and improve quality of life in Boone County.

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