Fish Fund

Faith in Service to Humanity (FISH)

A way to be good stewards of limited resources.


2022  services
January - September

940 Gas Vouchers issued
$18,288 paid

  320 Medical/Prescription/Dental
$15,805 paid

572 Identifications 
$9,555 paid

2021 Services
January - December

504 Gas Vouchers issued
$9,492 paid

 32 Minor Car Repair
$13,751 paid

 69 Medical/Prescription/Dental
$17,978 paid


What is the FISH Fund?

The Faith in Service to Humanity (FISH) Fund was started in 1981 by the Interfaith Council of Churches to address widespread problems and concerns church staff were experiencing serving people in need of support. They were looking for a way to be good stewards of limited resources.

Churches decided that services would best be provided through a central location employing social workers to churches that wanted to be a part of equipping people in need with funds to create change.

Social workers are trained to accurately determine and verify needs so that funds can be used more effectively and fairly. Every year the FISH Fund provides tens of thousands of dollars in goods and services to people in the Columbia and Boone County area. The needs of low-income families continue to grow each year.

What services are supported by the FISH Fund?

When an individual comes to your church requesting assistance, refer them to VAC. We can provide the following services when funds are available through the FISH Fund:

  • Co-pays for health  appointments
  • Dental care
  • Gas vouchers
  • Identifications
  • Minor car repair
  • MO birth  certificates
  • Prescription  co-pays
  • Uniforms for  employment

There are many benefits to supporting the FISH Fund.

A few include:

Ensures that your church’s charitable giving will be used effectively and efficiently.

Allows church staff to work with social services professionals when assisting those in need.

Ensures that funds are readily accessible for those in need.

Saves time for those seeking assistance by offering multiple resources through one agency.

Avoids duplication of services to those in need by offering assistance at one central location.

Increases overall accountability.

Puts those in need in contact with social service professionals who can provide appropriate information and referrals that will address their underlying needs.

We need your help.

All faith communities and individuals in Boone County are invited to help with this important effort by contributing to the FISH Fund. Together, we can better respond to the needs of the individuals within our community.

Please mail donations to:

Voluntary Action Center
403A Vandiver Drive Columbia, MO 65202

We move the community forward through the power of action. Support VAC;s mission.

Responding to the immediate basic needs of individuals and families within our community. 

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