Holiday Program

Each Holiday season we match families with children, disabled adults, and seniors with individuals, families, businesses, or groups who will provide gifts and food for the holidays. In addition to toys, books, and games families will receive needed clothing and household supplies through this program.

Families interested in being a participant in the Holiday Program
If you are interested in sponsoring a family

Interested in helping with Collection & Distribution in December


Thank you again for your willingness to support our families. Your support in these other ways will also help many of these same struggling mothers and fathers, boys and girls, older persons…many who are struggling. Through VAC, you will help bridge the gaps of need they experience and make life better as a result.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact VAC by phone 573-874-2273 or by emailing Christy Lowe, Holiday Program Coordinator at or Executive Director Nick Foster at

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