Health & Wellness

Everyone eventually needs to visit the doctor or dentist. For some individuals the cost of a co-pay may be a deterrent. For others they may need assistance with paying for prescriptions or getting eyeglasses.  VAC provides assistance to individuals who need help paying for co-payments, eyeglasses and prescriptions.

Health/Medical assistance guidelines:

  • Funding is based on a $50 limit per Address per 12-month period for all monetary services.
  • Co-pay assistance request can be made up to 5 business days BEFORE the scheduled appt.

VAC works the following local pharmacies for prescriptions and medical equipment:
Burrell Pharmacy, D&H, Kilgore’s, and all three Columbia Walmart locations.

Prescription or Medical Equipment assistance guidelines:

  • Assistance must be requested BEFORE picking up prescriptions or medical equipment.
  • VAC will work directly with the pharmacy via FAX for partial or full payment of prescription or medical equipment.


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All services are provided as funds and items are available. They are subject to limits of $50 per Address per 12-month period and service-specific guidelines.