Since 1981, Columbia, Missouri area congregations have supported low-income families through the Faith in Service to Humanity (FISH) Fund of Interfaith Council. Voluntary Action Center is the sole administrator of this fund, providing this service at no charge to the Interfaith Council. Every year the FISH Fund provides over $30,000 in goods and services to needy people in the Columbia and Boone County area.

Giving to the FISH Fund avoids duplication of services to those in need by offering assistance at one location. It increases overall accountability by restricting coordination of available service to one organization. Donating to the FISH Fund saves time by offering resources through one agency, allows you to work with social service professionals and helps to ensure that the social service system is not being abused.

The needs of low-income families continue to grow each year and your church can help! The FISH Fund allows your church's charitable giving to be used effectively and efficiently, and ensures that needed funds are readily accessible to those in need.

All Columbia and Boone County faith communities are invited to help in this much needed, much appreciated effort. Churches, area congregations, faith communities, and individuals are invited to contribute to the FISH Fund.

Send your donations to VAC, 403A Vandiver Drive, Columbia, MO 65202 or donate now by credit card.

To help our neighbors who are experiencing hardship to  bridge the gap between crisis and stability and improve quality of life in Boone County.

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